10 Fun Facts about SNOW!

Today we got a lot more snow on the coast where I live than we did up here in town where I work.  Because we have had 5+ snow storms over the last month, and snow storms are a common topic lately, I thought I would share with you 10 fun facts about the snow.

1. If you have a fear of snow, it is called chionophobia.  If you are crazy about snow, it is chionomainia.  (You decide, I know what I am!)

2. It can be fairly warm (40) and still snow.  The tops of the clouds and layers of cool air that are below freezing allow this to happen.  Alternately, it’s really not too cold to snow, it’s the absence of water vapor that keeps it from snowing, and it’s difficult to have water vapor when it is very cold, but it is possible.

3. Snowflakes are crystals joined together, usually between 2-200 of them. They join to get bigger and bigger and when they are heavy enough, they fall.

4. The average snowflake falls at 3.1 mph!

5. The biggest recorded snowflake was 15″ in diameter, in Montana.  The most snowfall in 24 hours was 63″ in 1913, in Georgetown, CO.

6. A snowflake has 6 sides and the shapes they come in are needles, columns, flat plates, stars, dendrites and combinations.  The temperature determines the shape.

7. Snow is actually clear/transparent.  It is like a prism that breaks up the light and the human eye cannot “see” this so it appears white or blue.  Snow can come in other colors depending on the color of the tiny dirt particle that the crystal collects on.  Red and grey are common colors of snowflakes in some areas.  Blue and green snow can be found when algae is trapped in it.

8. Each year over 100 snow storms affect the continental US. One snow storm usually has a lifespan of 2-5 days.

9. Japan has developed a snow-eating robot that is equipped with GPS.  It can shovel snow in your driveway and compact it into ice blocks.

10. 80% of all the freshwater on earth is frozen as ice or snow.  This accounts for 12% of the earth’s surface.

How many of those did you know? 

Pretty “cool” facts I think.

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Small business owner (4th year). Women's clothing and accessories. 25 years in Nuclear Medicine previously. 2 grown children. Remarried recently. Enjoy learning karate and I teach yoga. Love the outdoors. We hunt, fish, boat, 4-wheel. I garden, jog, weightlift, snowshoe and read.
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2 Responses to 10 Fun Facts about SNOW!

  1. Jamie says:

    hey, thats a lot of good facts there, really helped me out on a progect! 🙂

  2. Goldfish says:

    Those facts really helped me on a project too! Thank you!

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