10 Ways to Feel Glamorous

I was at a function the other night where I was asked to talk about being glamorous.  It is a bit different from being fashionable because it’s more than just the clothes.

The dictionary says “excitingly attractive, romantic, fascinating and mysterious”.  Instead of knowing every detail, you leave them wondering.  What is she doing tonight?  Where did she get that hat?  Wow, she looks great, I wonder what’s up?  To me, it’s all about the mystery and confidence of the woman.  Here are some things that could make you glamorous:

1.  Good Grooming. Always have tidy hair, eyebrows, good make up, nice nails and soft glowing skin.  Expensive perfume is glamorous, but not too much.  If you don’t have any, stop by a department store for a sample spritz before you head out on the town.

2.  Bath Time.  Do the candles, sea salts and essential oils.  You’ll feel very pampered.

3.  Sexy Underwear.  Perfect way to feel pretty and glamorous.  (If you invest, you should hand wash to make it last.)

4.  Dress to Impress.  Flatter your figure and use good basics in your wardrobe.  Don’t follow trends you don’t like, in fact, make your own signature style. 

Go for quality over quantity.  You can alway accessorize to change-up the look.  Scarves, flowers, hairpieces, jewelry, big sunglasses and hats can perform quick and exotic changes to the same little dress.

5.  Eat at the Table.  Make your meal a special indulgence. Light candles, use cloth napkins and the good china!

6.  Develop a Short Ritual.  Have a small amount of time that you are unavailable.  This is mysterious and can be a special quiet time for you.  Do some meditation or yoga, have bath or reading time, or just have your coffee in a remote quiet place.

7.  Build a Social Life that you LOVE.  Too much can be too much like work.  It doesn’t have to be every night, it can be just one night a week.  Do something with friends that you enjoy doing.  Be happy!

8.  Leave the Phone.  Letting the phone stay behind in the car leaves you free to take in the view, chat with someone or read.  Nothing is less glam than frantically poking out messages on your phone when you are out.

9. Stay Cool.  Don’t come unglued when something turns bad.  (Music can help.) A glamorous woman would never be hurried or caught running.  Leave yourself plenty of time or plan to arrive fashionably late.

10. Be Kind and Confident.  Manners are essential.  If you give compliments, you will receive them.  Be grateful.

Glamorous is fun.  It’s all about feeling special and you deserve it.  Be the best you can be.  Enjoy your life.  Love to you all.

About prettywomandeb

Small business owner (4th year). Women's clothing and accessories. 25 years in Nuclear Medicine previously. 2 grown children. Remarried recently. Enjoy learning karate and I teach yoga. Love the outdoors. We hunt, fish, boat, 4-wheel. I garden, jog, weightlift, snowshoe and read.
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