Silly Facts About Working Out and Weight Loss

As I am struggling to take off a bit more weight, I couldn’t help but giggle and share some of the following facts:

As I write this, half of all Americans are on a diet.  Wow, we spend a ton of money to find the right plans, the right supplements, the right equipment and whatever other magic way there is out there to lose weight.  It’s not easy and it’s not fun. (It was much more enjoyable putting it on, now it’s more like WORK.)  Reading labels, counting calories, and recording your exercises are a real pain, and then you have to actually DO something.  Did you know that licking a stamp is 1/10th of a calorie?  And you know, it’s all the little stuff that gets you in the end.  Here are some fun facts about weight loss:

1. A hard-working adult sweats up to 4 gallons a day.  You don’t notice because most of it evaporates off your skin.

2. Perspiration is actually odorless.  It’s the bacteria on your skin that produces the smell.

3. The average human has enough fat on the body to make 7 bars of soap. (Eeeewww, I don’t even want to think about that one.)

4. Head banging burns 150 calories an hour, in case you might be doing that and want to know!

5. The heart, a very strong muscle in your body, beats 2.5 billion times.  That’s 100,000 times a day, moving about 2,000 gallons of blood.  What a workout, no wonder we are tired at the end of the day!

6. Here’s a tip: you can burn 7% more calories walking on dirt than you can on pavement.

I guess it really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something.  Get up and move.  Park at the end of the parking lot and walk a little extra.  Add a little more movement to your day and be mindful of what  you eat.  You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.  The more you do, the faster you will see results, but if you go slow, you’re more apt to adapt a lifestyle change, one that you can actually live with and even enjoy.  I wish you much joy, health and happiness.

About prettywomandeb

Small business owner (4th year). Women's clothing and accessories. 25 years in Nuclear Medicine previously. 2 grown children. Remarried recently. Enjoy learning karate and I teach yoga. Love the outdoors. We hunt, fish, boat, 4-wheel. I garden, jog, weightlift, snowshoe and read.
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