10 Essentials of the stylish closet

I have been trying to clean out my closet.  I hate to, but I need to.  I always start digging around when the season changes.  There are some cool discoveries (ooh, I forgot I had that) and meetings with old friends (like my favorite green fuzzy sweater, yay!).  But there are also some things that have hung around way too long.  Thread-bare and comfortable, but it’s gotta go.  

Just toss it already


The more you know about how to put outfits together, the less you seem to need, which is good for the pocketbook.  Here are 10 essentials for your closet.  These come from Nina Garcia’s The Little Black Book of Style and I like to refer back to them as I look through my closet: 

1. The Little Black Dress.   It’s easy, it’s flattering and it’s right for almost any occasion. 

2. A classic men’s white shirt.  It works. It’s simple, crisp, practical and goes with most everything. 

3. Cashmere cardigan or turtleneck. (or my soft green sweater) It just makes you feel good when you put it on. 

4. A trench coat. Very practical as well as good-looking. 

5. Denim.  Simple and practical.  Not just the jeans, but tops and jackets too. 

6.  A man’s classic watch.  It’s different and breaks the rules. I love it. 

7. Ballet flats.  When heels are too much or you need to do a lot of walking, they’re perfect. 

8. Diamonds.  Dress up anything, sparkle like crazy; what’s not to love about diamonds? 

9. Classic high-heel pump.  Fancy shoes are great, but you should have a classic pair, that won’t hurt your feet, that you can always depend on. 

10. A great bag.  I know I am drawn to the wild and crazy, but remember to keep a classic, not so trendy bag available.  

Classic looks!


This nice weather won’t last forever so dig out the fall fashions and come see me if you need to replace something worn or make an old outfit like new.  The first impression people have of you is what they see first – how you are dressed.  Look great, feel fabulous!

About prettywomandeb

Small business owner (4th year). Women's clothing and accessories. 25 years in Nuclear Medicine previously. 2 grown children. Remarried recently. Enjoy learning karate and I teach yoga. Love the outdoors. We hunt, fish, boat, 4-wheel. I garden, jog, weightlift, snowshoe and read.
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